Saturday, October 22, 2005

Horace and falafel

This afternoon I made the journey with five of my peers to the Philadelphia Free Library for a lecture by my professor Julia Gaisser on the reception of Horace. It was interesting and entertaining, particularly at the culmination when she discussed the line from the second Roman ode, "dulce et decorum est...," and its reception by men of Victorian England and the reaction to that tradition by Wilfred Owen in his poem of that name. An interesting aside: upon googling the Latin to verify it, I found that every reference was to the Owen poem and not the Horace. How could one not find reception interesting?

Following the lecture we went for an early dinner to a Persian restaurant to which our friends who are big fans have been trying to get us for a long time. I had the falafel platter, a big plate of falafel, rice, and a tasty onion and tomato salad. The turkish coffee and baklava was a treat, too.

A more exciting Saturday I have not had in quite some time, considering I'm usually loitering at home or the libes. And it's not over yet-- tonight is the first game of the World Series.

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